Rate Limiting

API Rate Limiting is in place to protect Event Temple from traffic spikes that could put our services at risk, and to keep a level playing field for people who are integrating with our service from using too many resources.

The default rate limit is currently 100 requests per minute.

If you surpass the rate limit provided you will receive a 429 Too Many Requests HTTP response code on subsequent requests until the one minute time frame has passed, and the response headers will also contain a Retry-After key where the value represents the duration in seconds that need to be waited until the next request can be made.

For example, the response header below indicates that you have to wait 55 seconds until you can make another request to the API:

Retry-After: 55

You can read more about the standard Retry-After header here. Quite a few HTTP clients and software will automatically handle a Retry-After response header being returned. For more information about how your specific client or software, please consult their guides.

We also provide two other response headers that will be returned on every API request, if you would like to pro-actively back off so that you don't hit your rate limit.

  • X-Api-Request-Limit is the request rate limit for your application
  • X-Api-Request-Remaining is the number of remaining requests you have within the one minute timeframe.

For example, the response headers below indicate that the API request limit for your application is 100, and you have 76 requests left until you hit the minute window when it resets:

X-Api-Request-Limit: 100
X-Api-Request-Remaining: 76