Filter Parameter

The filter parameter is used to control which records in a collection will be included in the response. Filters can only be applied to the collection of the endpoint, and not to any related collections.


Below is a list of all the predicates that can be used with filters, but please note that not all collections support filtering, and not all predicates are supported on all endpoints that do support filters.

eqMatches the exact value
not_eqMatches any value except for the specified one
matchesMatches values that contain the specified substring
ltMatches values less than the specified value
lteqMatches values less than or equal to the specified value
gtMatches values greater than the specified value
gteqMatches values greater than or equal to the specified value
nullMatches records where the specified field is null
not_nullMatches records where the specified field is not null
inMatch any comma-separated values in a string
not_inMatch none of the comma-separated values