Integrating a Property Management System (PMS) with Event Temple

Syncing from PMS to Event Temple:

Utilize the following APIs to synchronize specific resources exclusively from your PMS to Event Temple:

  • Room Type: Ensure that room types in the PMS are reflected accurately in Event Temple using the room_types API
  • Taxes Sync tax details and rates from the PMS to maintain consistency in Event Temple using the taxes API.

Bidirectional Synchronization:

Maintain real-time alignment of data between both systems with the following:

  • Accounts: Maintain consistency for account data using the accounts API
  • Contacts: Maintain consistency for contacts data using the contacts API
  • Bookings & Room Blocks: Keep bookings and their respective room blocks consistent across both platforms using the bookings and groups APIs
  • Booking Line Items for Charges: Ensure all booking-related charges are mirrored accurately in both systems using the line_items API